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Kevin is concerned that growth pressure will change the quality of life for Edmonds residents. The State has recently dealt a blow to the City’s ability for self-determination. This issue has driven him to step up and run for Position 4 on Edmond’s City Council. He is aware of the desirability of the the Pacific Northwest and, in particular, Edmonds. However, all of it will be for not if we don’t maintain our quality of life. It is imperative that we focus on what benefits Edmonds residents in our upcoming revisions to our Comprehensive Plan, and allow residents input as to the features of their own neighborhoods.

He recognizes that the Council’s most important responsibility is that of the City’s finances. He plans to work closely and collaborate with the mayor, to assure that adequate services are provided, but that we carefully monitor the budget and operate within our means.

Public safety is an extremely important issue to all residents and is an area of Kevin’s expertise. Though Edmonds has a great police department, and we benefit from a relatively low crime rate, criminal activity in adjacent regions is on the rise and we must be proactive and responsive to support our police with necessary resources.

Homelessness is a concern and Kevin is sympathetic to Edmonds residents experiencing financial struggles. He is supportive in helping the unhoused in difficult times. Homelessness is a regional issue and must be addressed in cooperation with the adjacent communities.