kevin fägerstrom
4 edmonds city council


Kevin Fägerstrom has spent over 40 years in local and county government. Kevin retired from the City of Everett as the Code Enforcement Director, following a 33-year career as a Sergeant with the King County Sheriff’s Office.

A strong sense of community is what Kevin and his wife saw in Edmonds when they moved here in 1997 to raise their family.

Pressure to grow now challenges quality of life for Edmonds residents. This issue has driven Kevin to step up and run for Position #6 on Edmond’s City Council. It is imperative that we focus on Edmonds residents in our upcoming revisions to our Comprehensive Plan, and allow residents input as to features of their own neighborhoods.

Balanced Budget

balance the budget

provide adequate public services & operate within our means so that we maintain sufficient reserves

Ensuring Public Safety

ensure public safety

be proactive & responsive to support our first responders with necessary resources

Helping Those in Need

helping those in need

homelessness is a regional issue and must be addressed in cooperation with the adjacent communities